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Notes About Boat Props

There are many different types of boating and activities that go along with each. Activities such as fishing, cruising, water skiing and boat racing are all diverse in nature but highly enjoyable. However, a person who wants to engage in the water sport of his or her choice needs to make sure that the boat prop is able to power the boat sufficiently.

Following are some tips on buying a fast boat prop:

These are some tips to consider when looking for a boat prop that is ideal for fast sailing or water sports. However, not all of the above mentioned props are suitable for all speedboats and recreational boats. A wise boat owner will examine the boat engine carefully and check the existing propeller type before buying a new propeller. Doing so ensures that the propeller is compatible with the type of boat it will be used with.

Are All Propellers Repairable?

No.  A propeller that has substantial damage that requires too much rebuilding is better off being replaced.  However, it may surprise you as to how much we can repair.  Of course the only answer to this problem is to replace the damaged prop with a new one.

Whether you have a small fishing boat or an offshore cruiser, we have the perfect selection of boat propellers for you. Everyday low prices on all aluminum or stainless steel high performance and replacement boat propellers.

Finding the Right Boat Propeller

Boat propellers are crucial for the performance of any boat.  A new propeller can improve efficiency, top speed, and overall motor longevity. There are many variables to consider when selecting the right boat propeller; hub size, pitch, diameter, splines, materials, and rotation to name a few. Whether you have an Outboard Motor or Stern Drive boat, we can help you select the right propeller for your boat.  Please contact us at any time with the specifications and requirements for your boat.  We are confident that we can provide you with the best performing, most accurate and consistent propellers, that will meet the specific needs of your boat.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are normally loading your boat with a significant amount of weight — above and beyond that which is factory installed on the boat (an abnormal number of people, extra sport fishing equipment, etc.) — please be sure to give us a detailed explanation of the approximate amount of weight you are adding. The non-standard loading of a boat will typically affect the size of the propeller that we recommend for your best performance.

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